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Virginia Tech’s FutureHAUS reinvents the bedroom and home office

Visit Booth S5880 for a preview of the smart, sustainable future of housing. High-tech gadgetry, modular “cartridge” construction, transformable rooms, and sleek design converge in FutureHAUS, Virginia Tech’s groundbreaking concept home of the future. Debuting at KBIS Booth S5880, January…

January 11, 2017

Virginia Tech FutureHAUS: Where high-tech meets pre-fab

Think ‘The Jetsons’ meet LEGOs: How a team of Virginia Tech researchers is revolutionizing housing What if you could build a first-rate, high-tech home more efficiently, affordably, and sustainably, using a process borrowed from the manufacturing industry? A Virginia Tech…

January 6, 2017

Virginia Tech Unveils FutureHAUS Bedroom and Home Office of the Future

Virginia Tech will debut the final phase of FutureHAUS – the revolutionary prototype for the home of the future – with the bedroom and home office at the world’s largest kitchen and bath industry expo, KBIS, January 10 through 12…

January 4, 2017