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The 2017 KBIS Next Experience. Information Coming Soon.


From KBIS 2016:

KBISNeXT made its debut at KBIS 2015         Scenes from the KBISNeXT Stage.         Attendees experience the Virginia Tech FutureHAUS


Designed to offer thought-provoking, inspired “on floor” programming, as well as additional exhibit space, KBISNeXT™ includes the KBISNeXT Stage and the KBISNeXT Bar. It is also the showcase for the popular Best of KBIS Awards, the Innovative Showroom Award programs and the newest program – DesignBites. Here are the details on programming at KBIS 2016:


NEW FOR 2016: Design Bitesdb

KBIS is taking a bite out of innovative design with the unveiling the DesignBites program. As part of KBISNeXTTM, located in the South Hall, attendees will learn about brand new kitchen and bath designs unveiling to the world at KBIS 2016 with a twist on speed dating-style presentations.

The presentations will take place during the lunch hour on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 19 and 20, 2016. A total of 14 presentations will be selected, seven per day. On Tuesday, January 19, 2016, the Design Bites presentations will highlight new kitchen products, with bath products featured on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. KBIS exhibitors must apply for the opportunity to bring their story to the stage in a 3-minute presentation, followed by a two-minute Q & A from the media. The deadline to apply is October 23.


NEW FOR KBIS 2016: Outdoor Products Areaoutdoor

Outdoor kitchen and living spaces is one of the hottest trends in the housing industry today, as homeowners look to bring all of the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors. Visit the NEW Outdoor Products Area located in KBISNeXTTM located in the South Hall, to source the latest outdoor products being launched into the marketplace.


Virginia Tech FutureHAUS BathroomVT_FutureHAUS_Bathroom_Cartridge

Virginia Tech will revisit KBIS to unveil the FutureHAUS Bathroom. The working prototype will propose an assembly line-ready bathroom cartridge. It will demonstate a truly integrated bathroom of the future. The room, fixtures and furnishings will be enriched by sensors, actuators and interactive displays to support innovative, useful features. Components are integrated in the house information system to provide synergy, enabling a holistic, user-centric, context-aware, resource-aware bath environment. The result will be a user-friendly bathroom that supports the integration of new technology and enhances the daily routines experienced in the bath.