Federal Brace Announces They Are The Exclusive Distributor of NoMarr™

November 3, 2017

Federal Brace Announces They Are The Exclusive Distributor of NoMarr™

October , 2017 – Charlotte, NC – Federal Brace is delighted to announce they are the exclusive distributor of NoMarr™, a new and innovative fastening technology that provides surface protection for quality finishes. NoMarr™ uses a patent-pending technology to ensure that finished project installations are of a quality finish, eliminating any possibility of scratches, scrapes, or marring caused by driving tools used to secure fasteners during assembly.

NoMarr™ is inexpensive and incorporates a simple, four-step process that is nearly intuitive, as it mimics the steps used by carpenters, mechanics, contractors, and DIY homeowners in installing bolts and screws, protecting the surface without causing any confusion or adding time to the installation. As such, the NoMarr™ system is useful in nearly any fastening application, when surface quality is required. Whether painted, powder coated, or stained, and in multiple materials, including aluminum, wood, steel, and plastic, the NoMarr™ fastening system will prevent any marring of the material. The NoMarr™ system can be used in commercial and residential buildings on cabinet installations, gutters and siding, carpentry, lighting and electrical. In industrial settings it can be used in assembly lines and during the manufacturing of automobiles, equipment, aircrafts, and more for optimum protection.

To find out more about the NoMarr™ or purchase this exclusive system for your next project, join them at or find them online at or on Amazon. Call (877) 353-8899 to speak with Federal Brace professionals about this unique technology and how we can help you with your install.